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How to Watch? - Click on the content you want to watch, log in or sign up, and proceed to make your purchase.

After purchasing, come back on the day and time of the event and login here to watch.

For streaming support during/day of event, go to support.inplayer.com           Post event support contact: Guzman Video

This is a Live stream only, there will be no recording of the stream. Prelim competition is typically 1.5hrs and Finals is aprroximiatly 2hrs. Refunds will only be considered to those that could not watch the live stream due to technical issues beyond their control. To be considered for a refund you must show that you contacted support during the event for help AND must make the refund request within 24 hours after the event has ended.

For streaming support during/day of event, go to: support.inplayer.com           Post event support contact: Guzman Video

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